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Want to Make Tasty Food and Extract Juice Quickly: Buy Best Juicer Mixer Grinder and Juicer Online!

Cooking is great if you don’t have to do all the tasks manually. These home appliances like mixer, grinder, and juicer have made life easier. With a mixer juicer grinder, you can do the tough tasks of mixing grinding and preparing juices within few minutes. You don’t have to spend hours over a grinding stone and squeezing fruits. Some appliances come with a juicer mixer grinder in one while you can also buy a mixer juicer grinder separately as per your requirement. Mixer grinders and juicers are often confused for each other and are used interchangeably. Let’s understand the difference between the three.


This is one of the appliances that are often used in every kitchen. It is used to make purees, powdering spices and mincing meat and vegetables fast and easy. It mostly comes with three jars.


A juicer is mainly used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Fruit juicers provide you with a better dose of vitamins, fiber, and minerals in the form of liquid rather than eating the whole fruit. You can buy juice makers of different types like centrifugal, masticating, and triturating juicers.

Mixer Grinders

Mixers are also one of the home appliances that are often used in kitchens. It works for mixing, folding and beating of food ingredients. These are generally of two types; hand mixers and stand mixers. You can buy any of those as per your requirement.

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Moglix being the top e-retailer company provides you a wide range of variety in vegetable juicer mixer and grinders. You can buy a juicer mixer grinder online and moglix has some of the best brands available with them.

Bajaj - Bajaj is a renowned brand in terms of home appliances. They have almost all the types of juicer mixer and grinder available with them. You can buy one device that has the capabilities of all from them.

Maharaja Whiteline - The juicer mixer grinder that they provide comes with a design that delivers good performance without compromising the appearance. They are a known brand and are reliable.

Which company has the best juicer mixer in India?

There is a large variety of products available in India and some best brands are Bajaj, Havells, Maharaja White, Padmini Essentia, these are a few of the best brands available in India.

In which range can I get a mixer juicer grinder?

You can get mixer grinder juicer at a good range of prices ranging from 1500 to 5000. You can buy a juicer mixer grinder which suits you best depending on price range and quality.