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Water Heaters

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Enjoy a Perfect Shower all year round with an Electric Water Heater

Long hours at work, travel, sun exposure, and pollution can all have an impact on your skin. After a long and exhausting day, taking a shower with hot water is always a wonderful idea. Back in the traditional days, it was very difficult to get warm or hot water for bathing, especially during winters. However, with the advancement of technology and the introduction of electric water heaters, this problem has been resolved. Today, geysers have become an absolute requirement in every home.

The most efficient technique to renew your skin is to take a hot shower. It accomplishes significantly more than simply removing dirt. A good hot shower is beneficial to both the mind and the body. Thanks to recent inventions, water heater manufacturers are now able to design reliable and energy-efficient heaters. At Moglix, you can get water heaters from major brands like Bajaj, AO Smith, Usha, Havells, and Parryware.

Different Types of Water Heaters Available Online

Tankless water heaters: These water heaters use super-heated coils to create instant hot water. These coils fill up with water as soon as you turn on the faucet, providing near-infinite hot water for your home. Although a tankless water heater requires little care, it must be cleaned at least once a year to prevent corrosion of the pipes and connections. They are also sometimes called instant water heaters.

Traditional water heaters: Conventional water heaters are one of the most common types of water heaters. They have a large insulated tank for storing and warming water. The tank's capacity determines how much warm water is stored and ready to use. One of the main advantages of these traditional storage water heaters is that they are simple to maintain and install.

Condensing water heaters: These heaters are the smartest of all water heaters and are also the most energy-efficient because they heat the water using the ambient temperature. If you have a large family or live in a house with many people, the condensation type is the most cost-effective option because it usually comes with a huge storage tank for exchanging gas and capturing heat.

Solar-powered water heater:, Unlike regular water heaters, solar water heaters do not utilize grid energy to heat water. Instead, they draw power from the sun to heat the water. These high-efficiency appliances use dedicated solar collectors on your rooftop to capture the solar energy that subsequently heats the water. Solar water heaters have long been popular since they save money on electricity while also allowing you to heat the water with natural energy.

Gas geysers: These water heaters use the heat generated by the combustion of a fuel (usually natural gas or LPG) to heat the water. Gas geysers, like electric geysers, provide a continuous flow of hot water and rapid heating. When compared to electric water heaters, they are cost=effective and energy-efficient.

Factors to consider when buying an instant water heater

Capacity: The capacity requirement in a water heater is determined by the amount of hot water used in your home. The ones with smaller tanks should be considered for a single person or a nuclear family.

Quality: If you reside in an area with hard water, you should pay careful attention to the material of the tank and the heating element. Both come into close touch with water, and hard water with a high calcium and magnesium concentration can induce scaling. This would result in decreased efficiency, corrosion, and a shorter heater lifespan. Buy corrosion-resistant water heaters for better results.

Energy consumption: Installing a water heater should not significantly increase your electricity bill. So look for heaters that are energy efficient.

Warranty: Water heaters with more extended warranties are usually more expensive. However, if your water heater develops a defect, having a warranty can save you money.

Safety features: While water heaters are generally safe to operate, it is important to know the risks and safety features that come standard with a storage water heater. Look for a safety valve that opens to alleviate pressure if the pressure or temperature rises too high. If something goes wrong with the water heater, this keeps it from blowing up.

Why is Moglix the best to buy an instant water heater?

Moglix is one of the most popular and trusted shopping stores among the many online marketplaces in India. Here, you can purchase a water heater from your favorite brand at unbelievable prices and pay using any of the standard online payment methods, including cash on delivery, as needed. The site has the most diverse selection of water geysers available in the market from various brands to meet your varied needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Heaters

What is the life expectancy for a water heater?

With regular inspection, draining, and flushing, you can expect a gas water heater to last anywhere is between 8-12 years.

What happens if an electric geyser is on for 24 hours?

If an electric geysers is left on for 24 hours, it results in the higher consumption of electricity and power wastage. For a detailed reasoning, please read out the blog at Moglix-

Which is better tank or tankless hot water heater?

Technology has paved its way to make it easy to choose between either of the geysers. On the other hand, average daily consumption of hot water and the no. of family members can help one decide better for their needs. For 1-3 family members with a daily consumption of 1-6 litres, Instant geysers are advisable. Anything above that calls for a storage geyser.

Water Heaters - Price Range

Water HeatersMin PriceMax Price
Candes Water Heaters₹1008₹7245
Crompton Water Heaters₹2533₹26265
Sameer Water Heaters₹999₹4829
Hindware Water Heaters₹2183₹10471
Tank Capacity - 1 L Water Heaters₹877₹6411
Tank Capacity - 10 L Water Heaters₹2989₹21891
Tank Capacity - 25 L Water Heaters₹4082₹28971
Tank Capacity - 35 L Water Heaters₹6099₹28070
This data was last updated on 8/17/22.