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Immersion Rods

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Stay Warm and Comfortable During Winters with Immersion Rods

Immersion rods are one of the most affordable electric heating solutions. These devices are easily accessible and consume a little amount of power. In case you have a geyser, the presence of an immersion rod can prove to be highly beneficial for your home. Available in a wide range of designs, sizes, and shapes, they add a touch of elegance to homes.

Want to ensure optimum warmth within your home during winters?  At Moglix, we offer an assortment of options in models for buyers to choose from. Our water heater rods online range has been created with utmost care keeping in mind the changing needs of buyers. Procured from some of the leading brands in the market, they can help in ensuring optimum warmth within a short span of time. Stay safe from chilling winters, using immersion rods from Moglix.

Bajaj Immersion Rods-Heating Applications That Outlive Wear Out

Bajaj immersion water heaters are ideal for people looking for models which can be used for years together. Made from non-corrosive copper, they have a very long lifespan. A low-cost water heating solution which can be used in homes, they have a compact weight. The water geysers have an ISI certification also. Here are some of the unique aspects of these immersion heaters: -

Usage of Quality Material in Manufacturing Process

  • The stainless immersion rod has been made from premium quality of anticorrosive material and has a long lifespan.
  • The rod is highly reflexive and offers a high level of protection from rusting and damage.
  • The presence of the plastic handle ensures safety from risks of burns or electric shocks while the rod is dipped in the water bucket.
  • A highly energy efficient heating solution
  • The water heating rods consumes only 1500 W of power and ensures quick heating.
  • These rods are highly user-friendly and heat water within minutes of being dipped in the bucket.
  • They help in keeping energy bills in check. As a result, there is no wastage of power.

An Assortment of Features the Usp of Crompton Water Heaters

Crompton water heaters are highly valued by users because of their user-friendly nature. Keeping in touch with the high demand of these immersion heaters, we have sourced some of the best models from Crompton. These water heating rods have a compact weight and are equipped with a shock proof handle. They have a compact weight and are equipped with a water level indicator. These devices have a longer life heating element and come with a nickel/ chrome plated heating element. So, they are highly reliable for people who are looking for immersion heaters with exciting features.

Egk Water Heating Rod - A Convenient Option for Home Based Users

Are you looking for waterproof immersion rods online? To meet up with the expectations of buyers, we have sourced the latest range of EGK water heating rods online. The USP of these devices lies in the fact that they are made from anti-corrosive material and consume a minimal amount of energy. They offer high-quality heating without incurring high costs.

Elegant Design the Forte of Sameer Immersion Rods

Are you in search of a heating rod which has an elegant design? To meet up with the ever-changing expectations of buyers, we present the latest range of Sameer immersion rods. Made from the best quality of ABS plastic, they need to be dipped in water only for a couple of minutes. These rods have a vertical orientation and have a high heating capacity (up to 25-26 liters). They are water proof, shock proof and can satisfy the heating needs of home based users faultlessly.

Stay Safe from Chilling Winters With Venus Immersion Rods

Venus immersion water heating rods are best suited for people who want to heat water instantly while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency. These heating appliances are highly portable and can ensure the availability of ample amount of warm water during winters. They contain hairpin tubular elements and consume a minimal amount of power. Therefore, they are rated as one of the best heating options for buyers with budgetary limitations.

Padmini Essentia - A Convenient Water Heating Option for Smart Option

Padmini Essentia immersion rods are a viable option for users who are in search of models which are convenient to use. These water heating options can be hung by the bucket or container to ensure that there is sufficient water to ensure that they can be dipped up to minimal water level showed on its metal plate. Otherwise, the heater may get damaged. To ensure safe usage after switching off, wait for a minute for the device to cool down before you remove it. This will minimise the chances of burning. These immersion rods should not run dry.

Why Buy Immersion Rods from Moglix?

At Moglix, we have carefully created a collection of immersion rod water heaters from some of the leading brands in the market such as Venus, Bajaj, Crompton, Sameer, Kent etc. The water heater rod prices across all brands have been carefully devised to meet up with the budget of buyers. To have a buying experience worth remembering, select from the assortment of options available at Moglix.

Immersion Rods - Price Range

Immersion RodsMin PriceMax Price
Bajaj Immersion Rods₹468₹2101
Crompton Immersion Rods₹405₹636
Fogger Immersion Rods₹319₹409
Sameer Immersion Rods₹309₹533
This data was last updated on 9/24/22.